Business ethics

Business ethics are in our DNA, thanks to our values and our code of conduct.

Human rights

Melexis recognizes that human rights are universal and fundamental. They include elimination of discrimination, freedom of thought and freedom of religion. We are committed to the abolition of child labor and slavery because it leads to poverty, under-skilled workers and above all it’s unethical. We force our suppliers to comply with our code of conduct. We expect nothing less from our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Corruption and bribery are not tolerated. We implement directions, guidelines and training to avoid corruption. Our business relationships are based on clear guidelines, on ethics and respect. Melexis doesn’t accept any agreement favored in exchange for gifts with the exception of normal business gifts of minor value. Furthermore Melexis does not allow any personal relationship with customers, suppliers or competitors unless management was informed to avoid conflict of interest.

Fair competition

Fair competition stimulates a healthy economy, innovation and progress. It goes without saying Melexis respects all laws and regulations concerning fair competition. Our employees are not allowed to deploy any activity which interferes with the interests of Melexis.


At Melexis we respect the privacy of our customers. We offer training to our employees so they know how to use and process confidential information. As a result, so far we didn’t receive any complaints about privacy, nor from individuals, nor from legal instances or governments. Our intention is to keep this clean record.