World’s first TPMS integrated by OEMs with Bluetooth® Technology

Melexis TMS sensor IC

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) provides numerous benefits for the owner of an EV/HEV through proper control of the pressure of the tires.

Think about extending range, increasing road grip, reducing braking distance, decreasing tire wear, and most importantly reducing the risk of getting into an accident. This is why it’s already imposed by several governments. Melexis recognized these benefits and conceived an innovative system which also enabled the world’s first TPMS integrated by OEMs with qualified Bluetooth® wireless components.

There are numerous reasons to use Bluetooth® to monitor tire pressure since it enables bi-directional communication, from the tire sensor to the car and vice versa. It also enables system and hardware compatibility with other applications such as keyless entry. No wonder it’s becoming a must-have for OEMs and it is already used by a premium EV OEM.

The solution is based on Melexis’ Tire Monitoring Sensor (TMS) Integrated Circuit (IC) MLX91804 / MLX91805 featuring a tiny DFN-14 package (4 x 5 mm) and ultra-low power operation from 3.6 V down to 1.8 V (90 nA sleep current). Melexis offers a complete Reference Design Board (RDB) based on a qualified Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) transceiver and a complete HW/SW design reference, from PCB to software including LF/RF performance optimization. In essence, the goal is to shorten the development time and effort.