Revolutionary Hall switches obsolete Reed switches for level sensing

Tiny, contactless and programmable IC delivers failure-free assembly of solutions for liquid level measurement

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 23 June 2022 – Providing better assembly yield and reliability in fluid level measurements, Melexis introduces a unique plug-and-play magnetic switch. The isolated floating output of the MLX92362 only requires power to directly drive the load. Hassle-free assembly is guaranteed thanks to CMOS testability, solder reflow and contactless operation. A series of ICs can be synchronized via the same 3-wire interface.

Revolutionary Hall switches obsolete Reed switches for level sensing

Based on Triaxis® technology, the MLX92362 and MLX92361 are patented floating switches from Melexis that deliver continuous level sensing. Programmability allows customers to fine-tune their modules, so they are optimized for their specific application. These devices can be factory trimmed (MLX92361) or adjusted at customer’s End of Line (MLX92362).

The new Hall switch devices directly replace reed switches, without the need for implementation changes or additional wiring. They have much smaller dimensions compared to reed switches - providing a 5x reduction in form factor. Without moving parts, these solid-state components offer greater reliability and longer working lifespans. They eliminate mechanical wear and tear issues. The high failure rates that reed switches often exhibit during module assembly are eliminated.

The MLX92362 and MLX92361 both feature fully isolated output for direct load driving, with currents up to 100 mA being switched. These Melexis switches offer a high supply rail versatility with a 4.5 V to 28 V voltage range. Multiple sensors can be connected in a single module and synchronized via the built-in daisy-chain functionality.

Both the MLX92362 and MLX92361 are housed in 6-lead TSOT packages. Their surface mount format simplifies the assembly process through reflow soldering. They support an operational temperature range of -40°C to 150°C.

“The MLX92362 and MLX92361 once again highlight our leadership in magnetic sensor technology, obsoleting mechanical or reed switches for level sensing. Our customers benefit from better quality when implementing liquid level measurement or contactless load switching,” states Dieter Verstreken, Global Marketing Manager Position Sensors at Melexis. “Use of silicon on insulator (SOI) technology provides an output that is completely isolated from the supply voltage. Our advanced Triaxis magnetic sensing leads to far higher accuracy and reliability.”

Samples and an affordable development programming tool are available now.

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