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Current sensors
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The current focus on electric vehicules is boosting the whole e-mobility industry. It is especially beneficial for the 2 and 3 wheelers which also require to solve similar constraints: from battery management (sufficient power, longevity and safety) to drive train efficiency and personalization. The battery and its management remain the key differentiator in this growing jungle of e-vehicles. It is crucial to not miss the latest semiconductor innovations that make the difference! Discover Melexis solutions for your applications: current sensors, position sensors, latch & switch and also tire pressure monitoring sensors.

icon current sensor coral red

Current sensor ICs

  • Applications

    • Battery management

    • Motor feedback loop

  • Melexis current sensors

    • Conventional Hall >50 A (MLX91209/17/19, MLX91230)

    • IMC-Hall Shield >50 A (MLX91208/16/18)

    • Primary integrated <50 A (MLX91220/21)

    • Shunt > 50 A (MLX91231)

  • Key benefits

    • High accuracy for motor efficiency

    • Dual over-current detection (internal & external)

    • Factory calibrated

Alternative mobility 2-wheeler - Current sensor ICs
Position sensor ICs

Position sensor ICs

  • Applications

    • Torque, position or speed measurement

  • Melexis positions sensors

    • Cadence sensor MLX92352, MLX92251

    • Magnetic resolver MLX90381

    • Magnetometer MLX90393/95

    • Linear hall MLX90290

    • Latch & Switches MLX92221/31/41/42

  • Key benefits

    • IC positioning flexibility

    • Large portfolio for the right option

    • Application support

icon pressure sensors royal blue

Tire pressure sensor ICs

  • Applications

    • Tire pressure (TPMS, TMS)

    • Accelerometer

  • Melexis TPMS MLX91804/05

  • Key benefits

    • 800 g XZ-axis accelerometer

    • Tiny 4 mm x 5 mm DFN package

    • Ultra low-power


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